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Lesson 2 - Text

In the coffee shop

W: English or Continental breakfast, madam? restaurant
L: Continental, please. With coffee. And an orange juice, please.
W: Very well, madam. What's your room number?
L: 318 (three one eight).
W: Thank you.
B: Morning, Linda.
L: Hello, Bob. Come and join me. How are you?
B: Fine, thanks. A bit tired perhaps. And you?
L: Oh, I'm very well, thanks. Where's Sally?
B: She's still in her room. What time is it, by the way?
L: Just after eight.
B: So we're not in a hurry.
L: No, there's plenty of time. Terry's still in bed. He's very tired. Ah, here's the waitress ...
W: Coffee, sir?
B: Yes, please. And an English breakfast. - Who's that man over there, Linda? His face is familiar.
L: You're right. But who is he? Someone from television perhaps?
B: Yes, television ... Oh, he's the detective in that programme on Friday nights. What's it called?
L: "Too Tough for Scotland Yard".
B: That's it. He's the detective in "Too Tough for Scotland Yard".

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