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This category can show you how to apply for a job, how to write a business letter, your CV...

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Business Contact
1. Business Letters
Layout of Business Letters
Information & Enquiries
2. Business Order
We agree to your terms...
3. Confirmation of orders
We are pleased to receive your order.
Looking for a Job
1. Curriculum Vitae
professional experience...
3. Letter of Application
I am writing to apply...

2. Job Advertisements
Administrative Assistant...
4. Positions & Jobs
insurance trainee, ...
Business Vocabulary
Lesson 1
competition, trade, ...
Vocabulary Test 1
lesson 1, 2
Lesson 4
chain-stores, costs, ...
Lesson 5
banknote, goodwill, ...
Vocabulary Test 3
lesson 5, 6
Lesson 8
sender, C.O.D., ...
Lesson 2
order, VAT, ...
Lesson 3
debenture, leaflet, ...
Vocabulary Test 2
lesson 3, 4
Lesson 6
corporation, flow, ...
Lesson 7
General Partner, Director, ...

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