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2. Business Order & Placing orders

Useful phrases:

* Would (Could) you please book our order for the following items...
* We agree to your terms...
* We reserve the right to cancel the order if the goods are not...
* We are pleased to give you an order for...
* We acknowledge receipt of your offer and enclose our order No. for...

* Insurance will be covered by us.
* Packing should be strong enough to ensure sufficient protection.
* Goods of inferior quality will be returned at the suppliers risk and expense.

* We trust that you will execute this order within the fixed time according to our instructions.
* If you execute this trial order to our satisfaction, you may count on further orders.


Hans Schiller GmbH
Blaustrasse 86

The N&P Manufacturing
Company Ltd
42 Narrow alley
London W5A 3EU

Ref: order No. 514/08

26 March 1999

Dear Mr Manfrel,

We thank you for your reply of 12 March in which you enclosed your latest catalogue and price list.
We accept the quoted terms you has suggested. We enclose our official order form, No. 514/08, for 26 sofa-beds (details included).
We confirm that payment should be by Documentary Credit in your favour as this is our first business. We have already asked our bank to issue the Documentary Credit. The terms are CIP Hamburg.

We expect the delivery before 15 April 1999 as you declared and we reserve the right to cancel the order and return the goods at your own expenses after that date.

We look forward to receiving our order and doing further business with your company in future.

Yours sincerely

Kurt Johansen
Sales manager

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