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Lesson 8

a person who receives the letter

cash on delivery

care of sb

closing formula
sentence at the end of a letter

express letter
letter which is delivered quickly

flat rate
the same amount of money to be paid

General Post Office

legible handwriting
handwriting which can be easily read

special paper for writing letters

to be pleasant to read

e.g. Mr. Smith

a person who sends the letter

to address the letter to sb
to send the letter to sb

to make a fair copy
to write a finished and complete copy

to make a rough draft of a letter
first writing which will be made better later

to seal the letter
to close the letter with hot wax

to sharpen a pencil
to prepare a pencil for writing

to stick a stamp on
to fix a stamp on the envelope

to stick down the envelope
to sloce the envelope with a sort of glue

to underline
to write a line under a word

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