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Birthday presents

Brian: Too many people have their birthdays in February.
Karen: You're right, Brian. There's Eric's on the fourth and ...
Brian: ... Sue's on the seventh.
Karen: Joyce's on the tenth.
Brian: And Tony's on the eighteenth.
Karen: The sixteenth.
Brian: Oh yes, you're right, the sixteenth. The eighteenth - that's my grandmother's birthdays. - My problem is, I haven't got enough ideas for birthday presents for all these people.
Karen: And just try to find a present for someone like Tony. It's impossible. He's already got everything.
Brian: Yes, that's the trouble. Give him a book - if it's kind of book, he's already got it.
Karen: The same with records. He's got all the important things - symphonies, concertos, operas ...
Brian: Musicals, jazz ...
Karen: He must have over a thousand records.
Brian: You can't give him a book or a record, not even a pen or a lighter - he's got too many of them already.
Karen: Yes, with Tony it's hopeless. But Sue isn't such a problem.
Brian: No, she isn't. What have you got for her?
Karen: An earthenware jug.
Brian: A jug?
Karen: Yes, it's rather nice, you know. She can use it as a vase. She has always got a lot of flowers.
Brian: Yes. A vase is always useful. But what about Joyce? I've no idea what to give her. She isn't a great reader, and she isn't interested in music. A vase or candlestick? But she's hardly ever at home.
Karen: What about an umbrella ... or a scarf ...?
Brian: A scarf - that's a good present for Joyce. Thanks for the tip, Karen.

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