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Lesson 3 - Exercises

1. Vyslovujte správně:

some information

Mondays to Fridays

among learners of English

there are dozens of cinemas aroun Leicester Square

hotels are expensive in Lisson Grove

the Sea Shell is in Lisson Grove

they're the best in the world

2. Utvořte množné číslo:

The bank is open from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
The banks are open from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

a) The hotel is expensive.

b) The brochure is at the hotel.

c) The nearest public lavatory is in Leicester Square.

d) The ticket is for tonight.

e) The waitress is tired.

3. Odpovězte:

a) What time are banks open in London?

b) Where are there many cinemas?

c) Who can tell you about cheap accommodation in London?

d) In what area are there many bed-and-breakfast places?

e) What's a "superloo"?

f) Where is there a good fish-and-chip restaurant in London?

4. Ptejte se a odpovídejte:

Excuse me, where's the London Tourist Board,
nearest public lavatory,
nearest Underground station,
Sea Shell Restaurant,
Sherlock Holmes Hotel

5. Vytvořte věty:

There are
a / an
a few
a lot of
dozens of
plenty of
(very large)
bed-and-breakfast place(s)
fish-and-chip restaurant(s)
(Indian) restaurant(s)
lavatory / lavatories
Baker Street.
Leicester Square.
Lisson Grove.
Victoria Station.

6. Doplňte věty.

a) Banks are open .

b) Some large banks .

c) There are numerous cinemas .

d) Hotels are very .

e) Budget hotels are .

f) There are many bed-and-breakfast places .

g) There are some "superloos" .

h) Parking is .

i) Fish and chips is .

j) The Sea Shell is .

k) London theatres .

7. Doplňte do věty: I, you, he, she, it, they, some

1. What time are banks open? - are open from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
2. Her name is Helga. is a waitress in a German restaurant.
3. The music-playing "superloos" are very popular. There are in Leicester Square.
4. Sandwiches are good here. are cheap too.
5. The Sea Shell is a very good fish restaurants. is in Lisson Grove.
6. I'm a detective. - Oh, are from Scotland Yard?
7. Who's that man? His face is familiar. - is a famous TV detective.

8. Where are Ann and Linda? - are still in the coffee shop.

8. Přeložte.

a) Londýnské banky jsou otevřeny od 9.30 do 15.30 hod.

b) V oblasti na a kolen Leicester Square je mnoho (tucty) kin.

c) V Londýně jsou hotely drahé.

d) V okolí nádraží Victoria jsou levná ubytování se snídaní.

e) V Londýně je mnoho zahraničních restaurací.

f) Londýnská divadla jsou nejlepší na světě.

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