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Religions played, play and will play a very important part in our life. Even when you don't believe, religion can influence your life, because many people in our society believe and you have to meet with them. Whenever you live, in every corner of the world people believe in something or someone.

Many people believe in happiness, in long lasting marriage, in honesty. Other people believe in something, which help them make their life better, happier. High percent of people believe in gods. There are many different kind of religion.

Christians, Buddhism, Taoism, Catolismus. Each of them is not same. Everyone has own specialty, own opinions and they believe in different gods.

People started to believe very early. Ancient people started to believe in some unreal power, because they couldn't understand some nature phenomenon such as rain, snow, wind, etc. So they started thinking about some gods. They decided to sacrifice some animals to them; greenery, food and sometimes people too. They hoped, that this can improve gods' mood and they will be kind to them. After that Greeks and Romans didn't believe in one god only. They had a great number of gods. Every one had his own name and his own work. It was similar to manufacture. Everybody does only one thing for make-work quickly. And they had one boss "Zeus".

But long time later has come big technology promotions. A lot of things were proved in logical way. But people still believe. Why? I think, that this belief give them some power; certainty. They know that somebody else looks after them and they look forward to see their god after death. It can be good for life; maybe they have less stress then not believe people. But is it really good living poor all life and hope for a better second life? Anybody doesn't know if the other life existed, so why wait, what if it doesn't exist? What should they do than? As you understand, I'm not a religious person. And I don't like religious as Christianity. Because, I think, that people have enough possibilities to make their life better themselves. Don't you think, that it can be waste of time waiting for gods' help? What about doing everything our selves? If everybody were working as long as he is on prayers, maybe our society would have better positions.

But this is for Europe or the USA. But maybe some Asian countries need strong religious, because they have more aggressive souls and strong religious can help them with it. Because they try to obey teaching of religious. For example some religious don't allow drinking and for this nationality it is good, they can control they behavior better.

Or some people believe in reincarnations. They can live without a lot of stress after their relatives' death, because they believe, that they will meet each other again in other look. So this dead person isn't really dead. It is good for psychics. It is a great idea, believe in reincarnations. If I could be someone else after my death, I would choose a human body again. I would be Emily Bronte (author of Jean Eyre) or some author from Romanism age. I know, that they had a hard life, but I think, that it must be a great time. And with their genial ideas would be my life great. J But I don't believe in reincarnations, so I always cry as a turtle, when somebody died. Anyway sadness is a very strong feeling and every one of us should have experience with it. Happiness can't be without sadness. And every cloud has a silver lining. The most important on this is I think, to teach people to love nature, because if they believe, that this flower can be their uncle in other life, they won't tear this flower.

I do really not a believe person, but I think that many religious have very interesting ideas. For me such religious as Buddhism or Taoism are interesting, they follow nature and there is a lot of knowledge. It is amazing to read their books, to see their palace and meet some monks. But let's face it. I think, that if god existed, he wouldn't allow any horrible disasters, where died a lot of innocent people, children and animals. It isn't fair. They didn't do anything bad. So I think, that god doesn't exist. Only in what I believe is I, my closest relatives and power of nature.

We are a tolerant society and everybody can do, what he wants if it is legal. Mostly religions are legal, but sometimes not. There existed a lot of sects and they are really fanatics. They have bloody rituals and they kill not only animals, but newborns or children too. They also kill their members, who did something against the sects. This practice I think should been banned and every person should avoid meeting with this fanatics.

When you become a member of any of these sects, you in the same time become a slave. You have to subordinate to your master and usually you have to give them all your money. It is rather difficult to leave these groups, their members will persecute you for a long time, and they can also kill you. It is very dangerous. You should think about all variety before you become one of them.

Adults usually enter in these sects with some life problems, teenager who can't make oven decision and the poor, because they don't have anything to eat. At the end of this essay I want to notice that even if you are not a believer, you should know something about religious and about the Bible, because it says about you, that you are not stupid. This belongs to basic knowledge.

And the last thing: You should always do only that, about you are absolutely sure and which is your wish.

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