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The meaning of live

I´m 18. Whole live is in front of me and I should be on the top of it. The youth should be the luckiest years of live, they say. But they are telling lies. Our "European society" is spoiled, the first and main cause is money. I don´t want any money. I would like just to live. But there´s no other way. We have to hunt for money and nobody realizes that the only thing we need to be happy is health and love. Yes. There are some people, anarchists, they may want to do what I want to do, but I don´t like them. I´m just one head of a herd but at the same time I read Friedrich Nietzsche and I have to say: I´m not going to be just a member of a herd, perhaps I would be a herdsman. Yes. The herdsman that stands above the whole society and laughs. Dreams. The other possible way is to stand out of socity, impossible! So what to do! And I´m not poor and I´m not black. What could say the others? This essay is just a play with words, I´dont mean this really but it´s real. I do have a method of solution: I go to bed!


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