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Racism in the Czech Republic

I just finshed reading the short essay about racism from Pavel. Yes, there is a kind of very sublime racism in your country. It was one of the mayor points, which forced me to leave the Czech Republic and I really tried to live there. Me as a german with very good czech skills, I studied czech literature and linguistics and I am fluent, felt often very missunderstood and not accepted. I really don´t want to generalize, because of my friends there, but there were definitly problems and not only with gypsies. We like foreigners felt really rare sometimes. Maybe that´s because of the low imigration rate in the CR, that people are not used to get in closer contact, but we tought that they are not interested to meet any other people from which country ever. I am glad to be back in Germany, where I live the opportunity to work and to share my free time with people of other nationality. I prefer that to stay a little bit more openminded and this should be a big thanks to all turkisch and spanish people in Germany, which maked me feel like I actually do! And a kiss to my brother in law Mustafa, he´s married to my sister since 1992 and so nice!


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