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Once I had an interesting experience involving honesty

One day when I was still a small boy I was playing with my sister, when my neighbours boys came over. It was time to go to school, but we really did not want to go. We were having a good time, so we decided not to go. We started to play a soccer game in the living room when a ball suddenly hit a big pot, in which my mother had a nice plant. The pot fell on the floor, and broke. The soccer game suddenly was over, and we started to think what we would say to our parents. My sister had a great idea. She told us to open all the windows in the living room and later on we left the house, and went to school. When we returned from school, my parents were already home. They told us, that we forgot to close the windows in the living room, and the wind blew the pot from the table on the floor.

I told my sister, that she was smart whit her idea. My parents have never found out what really happened. I think that one day, when my sister and I where already adults, my sister told the truth to my parents. They both were surprised because they really thought, that the wind had done this damage.

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