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What people in other countries think about racism?

I'd like to hear what people in other countries think about racism in the Czech Republic. Nowadays it is a *big topic* here, after the wall, separating inadaptable gypsies from the Czechs, was built up.

When Slovakian gypsies applied for refugee status in Helsinki, Finland, some time ago, they were sent back to Prague (where they took a flight from) and told that the Czech Republic is a democratic country without racism so they should ask for status there. Afterwards I heard those voices from the West that we are a racist country. Lots of criticisms of us that we are unable to live with gypsies together and that it's a high time we did something about it.

Where is the truth? Are we really so bad? Can anyone explain it to me?

I'm interesting in common people's opinion. I'm sick of official statements.

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