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Do best earners deserve their money?

Before I start expressing my opinion on this question, I have to describe the people I consider to be the big earners. There are more and more people in this country who earn a lot of money but who they are in fact?

The word "manager" such as general manager, top manager, product manager, assistant manager is certainly the guarantee of big money. The president of this country, the prime minister and all the other ministers earn good money too and it is the same in every country because these people govern and are responsible to their nations.

People who run their own business can earn a lot of money. However, I think these people must work all day long to make big money. If they do good business and do not cheat their business partners, they certainly deserve their money. If I mention these people, I cannot help asking myself the following question: "Is all this money worth it if the workaholics lose their friends at the same time, and have a lot of problems at home because they spend all the time too much time at work? I think I would never neglect my family even if I had the possibility and the ability to earn that big money.

Now something about managers. A lot of us think that a manager must earn a lot of money but we must also take into account the company or firm in which he or she is working. Only big and well-known companies are the guarantee of higher wages. Some of us can think that these wages of top managers are unbelievable and undeserved. I realize and respect the responsibility and the hard work of these managers. I also think that most of the people in executive positions must devote all their time, including their free time to their job.

The question is: "Do they deserve their money?". My answer will be positive because I think that they do. And why? Well-paid people work under stress all the time, they have enormous responsibility, they are forced to take quick decisions about very important issues. Such an exhausting activity very often results in a wide range of diseases. It is not rare to meet a manager who has had a heart attack in his thirties. And of course these people must not be corruptible. The only way to reach this is to find a capable person without a crime record and pay her or him the big money.

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