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"They say she's the best"

Let me introduce you Betty.

Betty lives with me in my house. When I'm at home she is still with me. She cooks with me, she watches TV with me and even she wonders what I read. The worst thing is that she always wants to sleep with me but not directly with me, however, she wants to be with me in my room and sleep under my bed.

Yes, she is lovely, her short fur is smooth, soft and warm. Everybody admires her and wants to pet her. What she likes a lot is being stroked the wrong way. Then she purrs and purrs.

Yes, you guess right, Betty is a cat. She is a cat but she looks like a small tiger because she is big and has striped fur. As I've mentioned everybody likes her and Betty loves everybody and everything. She really likes playing with a dead mouse in the trap in the cellar, I have to put it into Betty's mouth and then she looks like she has caught it herself and she is playing with it for hours.

All my friends who come to see me look forward to playing with Betty. They really say: she is the best cat we've ever seen. Some of my friends looks forward to her kittens, they say when she gives birth to kitten we will want one.

I love Betty very much but recently my sweet cat has bitten my slippers to pieces. Also I will remember very long the two broken plates which certainly haven't fallen down from the table and shattered themselves. In addition I must note that she wakes me before my alarm clock is set to ring.

Well, but what can I do with her when they say she's the best?

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