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Part 6

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bend down - ohnout, sehnout
Bend down a tie up your shoelace.

climb down - slézt, sestupovat
Climb down. You don't look very safe on that tree.

close down - zastavit provoz
That shop must close down next week.

cool down - ochladit
The cake is cooling down on the balcony.

knock down - srazit (k zemi)
I was knocked down by a car yesterday.

lie down - lehnout, ulehnout
I lay down and went to sleep at once.

live down - přežít, překonat životem
He'll never live down his past and the mistakes he has made.

pull down - strhnout, zbořit
This old building will be pulled down to make way for a new office block.

slow down - zpomalit
Slow down. You're driving so fast.

turn down - odmítnout
She turned Peter down and three months later married Jack.

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