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Part 2

You can test your knowledge!

be proud of st, sb - být na něco, někoho hrdý
I'm proud of our children, they are so clever.
He's proud of his talent for music.

be behind with st - být s něčím pozadu
She is behind with her work, she must finish it today.

congratulate sb on st - blahopřát někomu k něčemu
I would like to congratulate her on her birthday.

be fond of st - zajímat se o něco
Margaret isn't fond of sports, she thinks that all sports are boring.

speak about st, sb - mluvit o něčem, někom
We were speaking about our hobbies.
What are you speaking about?
Are you speaking about the film?
They often speak about their holiday.

come and meet sb - seznámit se s někým
John, come and meet my parents.

meet sb - potkat někoho, seznámit se s někým
She's coming to meet our new business partner.
Mr. Brown, meet my family.
They usually meet on Friday.
I'll meet you there before six o'clock, all right?

look at st, sb - (po)dívat se na něco, někoho
Don't keep looking at me!
Michael often looks at his watch.
Look at the picture, isn't it lovely?

be interested in st - zajímat se o něco
What are you interested in?
She's not interested in sports, she prefers reading books.
You know, men aren't usually interested in fashion.

spend st on st - strávit (čas)
I've spent all the afternoon on it!
Most children spend their afternoons on the sports ground.

forget about st - zapomenout na něco
I'm sorry, I forgot about it.

call for st - volat o co
I called for help but nobody came.

get off - vystoupit
Sorry, I must get off now, I'll tell you that next time.

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