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Reading 2 - fill the gaps with suitable words

Fill the gaps with these words:

of sit like my
breakfast her goes half
the wash and there

Use each word only once. You can tick the words you have already used. Press Tab key to remove to the next box easily.

Michael Smith gets up at (1) past eight every Sunday morning and eats (2) with his family. He and his wife (3) the dishes, and the children make (4) beds. They hurry. The family (5) to the market to shop. The market is near the corner (6) Upper Street and Blue Alley. They buy fruit, meat, and vegetables. (7) are many shops in the market. They finish the shopping, but they are hungry. Michael's daughter asks, "Can I have some potato chips?" Michael's son asks, "Can I have some chips too?" Their mother buys potato chips (8) orange juice. They (9) in the park beside the market and eat. "(10) chips are good," the daughter says. "My chips are good too," says the boy. "Do you (11) the juice?" the mother asks the children. "Yes, it's delicious," (12) children answer. They finish their snack and go home.

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