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When, what, why, who - clauses

1. When ______ Peter, I'll give him the book.
will I see
I can see
I see
I will see
2. What ______ her back?
should I give
I should give
should I come
should I go
3. Why ______ something back from me?
is she kept
is she always keeping
does she kept
does she keeps
4. Who ______ the blame on Paul?
is puting
is giving off
is giving
is putting
5. When ______ help me?
you should
don't you
you will
could you
6. When ______ from London she will be fluent in English.
she comes back
she will come back
she will comes back
she has come back
7. What ______ ?
they did
did they
do they did
did they do
8. When ______ the homework we'll go to the cinema.
you have done
have you done
you will do
will you do

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