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General grammar quiz 2

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


Where are you from?
A) I'm of the Czech Republic. C) I'm in the Czech Republic.
B) I'm from the Czech Republic. D) I'm of Czech Republic.


How old are you?
A) I'm old twenty-three. C) I'm twenty-three.
B) I'm twenty-three years. D) I have twenty-three years.


What do you do?
A) I'm a student. C) I doing English.
B) I do student. D) I'm study English.


Do you like English?
A) Yes, I like. C) Yes, I'm like.
B) Yes, I like do D) Yes, I do.


Do you have any children?
A) No, I have any. C) No, not.
B) No, I don't have D) No, I don't.


Do you speak English?
A) Yes, I am speaking. C) Yes, I am
B) Yes, I do. D) Yes, I speak.


What color is your car?
A) It's car red. C) Is red.
B) It red is. D) It's red.


When do you have dinner?
A) in the morning C) at 19:30
B) at 11:30 D) last night


What are you doing now?
A) I'm studying English. C) I do studying English.
B) I studying English. D) I'm study English.


Where do you live?
A) on Brno C) at Brno
B) in Brno D) up Brno

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