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Various 98

Choose the most appropriate answer.


If you are not so tired, we can __________ to school instead of taking the bus.
A) pace C) stray
B) wander D) walk


The nights are very hot and those who cannot sleep are __________ in the streets.
A) strolling C) pacing
B) going D) arriving


The bus station is very close, you can __________ to it.
A) go C) walk
B) wander D) stroll


What's eating you? — means: What's making you __________?
A) hungry C) ill
B) forgetful D) irritable


Well, I will eat my hat! — means: I do not __________ it.
A) accept C) trust
B) believe D) understand


The father was furious and __________ the table.
A) slapped C) pounded
B) knocked D) whipped


I think I heard a drum __________.
A) whipping C) striking
B) hitting D) beating


Never __________ me in the face again!
A) beat C) hit
B) strike D) whip


Your heart __________ really fast, Jack!
A) beats C) strikes
B) hits D) pounds


Can you __________ the eggs for her, please? She is trying to make pancakes.
A) slap C) whip
B) strike D) hit

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