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Reported Speech - Choose the right answer.


Maria: "I went skiing."
John: "Maria said she __________ skiing."
A) was C) went
B) have gone D) had gone


Simon: "I will eat spaghetti for lunch."
Susan: "Simon said that he __________ eat spaghetti for lunch."
A) did C) would
B) will D) willing


Peter: "I love Paris."
Michael: "Peter said that he __________ Paris."
A) loves C) loved
B) loving D) is loving


Joan: "I have been to New York."
Margaret: "Joan said she __________ to New York."
A) has been C) had been
B) was D) was being


Peter: "I have had three cars."
Simon: "Peter said he __________ three cars.
A) has C) have
B) has had D) had had


John: "I can't swim."
Thomas: "John said he __________ swim."
A) could not C) cannot
B) can not D) was not to


Victoria: "I'm going to go to Prague."
John: "Victoria said that she __________ going to go to Prague."
A) is C) was
B) went D) will


Anna: "I don't like coffee."
Simon: "Anna said that she __________ like coffee."
A) do not C) does not
B) did not D) had not


Eric: "I have never been to London."
Alice: "Eric said he __________ never been to London."
A) was C) has
B) have D) had


Joanna: "I was painting."
Eric: "Joanna said she __________ painting."
A) has been C) have been
B) had been D) was

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