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Various 96

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Jack and Lincoln will __________ school both together at the end of this year.
A) end C) finish
B) ending D) finishes


You can't miss it, it's that tall building right at the __________ of the road.
A) finish C) finishes
B) end D) ends


Sadly their marriage of 20 years __________ in divorce.
A) ends C) ended
B) finishes D) finished


It didn't take long for the children to __________ off the cakes and pastries that had not been eaten at the party.
A) end C) ending
B) finish D) finishing


What is the special name for the clothes tennis players wear? __________
A) tennis whites C) match whites
B) tennis suit D) tennis kit


We say a game of golf, a football match - and a tennis __________?
A) round C) match
B) game D) play


Every year there is one player who everyone expects to win Wimbledon. This person is the __________.
A) best C) insider
B) outsider D) favourite


What is the name of the thing players use to hit the tennis ball? __________
A) tennis bat C) tennis raquette
B) tennis stick D) tennis racquet


I've got a new girlfriend! I've been __________ with her for about a month.
A) going on C) going out
B) getting on D) getting out


My boyfriend __________ with me last night because he said he didn't love me anymore.
A) broke up C) broke out
B) broke down D) broke through

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