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Choose the most appropriate answer.


What is a synonym for "rude"? __________
A) brave C) impolite
B) stupid D) courteous


A woman who has never married is called a __________.
A) bachelor C) spinster
B) virgin D) lady


The middle of an apple which we don't eat is called the __________.
A) centre C) heart
B) soul D) core


Which is wrong? __________
A) dayorder C) daybreak
B) daydream D) daylight


Complete this phrase: As hard as __________
A) nails C) lead
B) steel D) stone


A child who hits smaller children is called __________.
A) a tyrant C) a bully
B) an enemy D) an opponent


When you want to buy a house in England, the money you borrow is called __________.
A) bet C) loan
B) deposit D) mortgage


Which two words sound the same? __________
A) feat, feet C) fit, feed
B) fit, feet D) fill, feel


What is the opposite of "now"? __________
A) again C) soon
B) then D) back


Which of the following sentences is written in passive? __________
A) She goes to school. C) A house is built.
B) They read a book. D) Leave the ship.

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