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Various 94

Choose the most appropriate answer.


The trains are very busy in the morning; it's all the __________ going to work.
A) trekkers C) commuters
B) trainers D) computers


At the train station: "Excuse me? Which __________ does the train to Liverpool leave from?"
A) quay C) stop
B) platform D) gate


An Airport announcement: "Would passengers for Flight EQ142 to Bahrain please proceed to __________ number 12."
A) check-in C) lounge
B) room D) gate


I left my house late this morning and __________ the bus.
A) missed C) lost
B) forgot D) drove


Look how much __________ tax I've paid this month!
A) wage C) income
B) salary D) earnings


Which of the following would you find outdoors? __________
A) a sofa C) a couch
B) a bench D) a settee


If you want to make a cup of tea, you should use the __________ to make the hot water.
A) iron C) toaster
B) mixer D) kettle


"Johnny, please don't leave your clothes on the floor; hang them in the __________!"
A) wardrobe C) locker
B) cupboard D) cabinet


Which of the following is the odd one out? (think about things you can ONLY put on your bed) __________
A) duvet C) cushion
B) sheet D) pillow


Which of the following would a vegetarian eat? __________
A) pork C) beef
B) cabbage D) lamb

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