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Choose the most appropriate answer.


Let's go to the beach, it's a lovely __________ day.
A) sun C) sunny
B) sunshine D) sunshining


Driving in the car: "Slow down! You can't see a thing in this __________".
A) fog C) ice
B) wind D) drizzle


Brrrrrr! It's so cold, it must be __________ 30 degrees outside.
A) lower C) under
B) below D) minus


Phew! It's too hot to go outside, it's absolutely __________.
A) icy C) frosty
B) boiling D) cold


The average number of children in a British family used to be 2.4 but this has fallen dramatically in recent years. How do you say "2.4"? __________
A) Two dot four C) Two point four
B) Two stop four D) Two comma four


Who are your siblings? __________
A) Cousins C) Grandparents
B) Nephews and nieces D) Brothers and sisters


What do we call a child with no brothers or sisters? __________
A) A single child C) An only child
B) A lonely child D) A lucky child


My grandad had a very strict __________, there were so many rules he had to follow.
A) upraising C) raising
B) upbringing D) bringing up


Which word is used more in American English than British English? __________
A) Mom C) Mum
B) Mummy D) Mother


In some cultures many generations of families live together. They live as __________ family.
A) a nuclear C) an enlarged
B) an extended D) an increased

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