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Various 92

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Many scientists are still hoping __________ life on another planet.
A) too have found C) to have been found
B) to have found D) to find


He __________ his racquetball glove on the beach.
A) has lain C) has laid
B) have laid D) is lying


Did they know that Labor Day always __________ the first Monday in September?
A) has come on C) has came on
B) comes on D) came on


After it was repaired it __________ again.
A) ran perfect C) ran perfectly
B) could run perfect D) would ran perfectly


There are many __________ in our city.
A) church C) churchs
B) churches D) churchess


All of you will __________ eventually.
A) has speak C) have speak
B) has to speak D) have to speak


Each of us __________ a speech at school tomorrow.
A) has to make C) have to make
B) have make D) has make


The group will __________ responsibility for that decision.
A) have share C) have to share
B) has share D) has to share


Which of your possessions are you most closely attached __________?
A) at C) to
B) for D) with


When you phone home, which member of your family do you ask __________ first?
A) from C) towards
B) after D) before

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