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Various 91

Choose the most appropriate answer.


What do red roses mean in the language of love? __________
A) I hate you. C) You are my friend.
B) We should get divorced. D) I love you.


What do sweethearts send to each other on Valentine's Day? __________
A) cards C) doves
B) lace D) jokes


Who shoots arrows at people on Valentine's Day? __________
A) Aphrodite C) Cupid
B) A sponsor D) An angel


What part of the body must Cupid's arrows hit to be effective? __________
A) Head C) Stomach
B) Rear D) Heart


What flower is the common symbol of Valentine's Day? __________
A) a lily C) a red rose
B) a tulip D) a snowdrop


What is the color of love? __________
A) Red C) White
B) Orange D) Yellow


What type of bird symbolizes Valentine's Day? __________
A) Chicken C) Duck
B) Parrot D) Dove


What is the Greek word for Cupid, God of Love? __________
A) Eros C) Venus
B) Hercules D) Zeus


What happens to someone struck by Cupid's arrow? __________
A) They become lovestruck. C) They die.
B) They play for time. D) They get a headache.


A person who is quick to show feelings of love are said to wear his/her heart on his/her __________.
A) chest C) face
B) sleeve D) head

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