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Various 90

Choose the most appropriate answer.


__________? Sorry, I didn't hear what you said.
A) Return it to me C) Come again
B) Come up, please D) Can you come back


Everybody thought Joan and David were a happy couple, but it was all just __________.
A) denial C) make happen
B) do believe D) make believe


New evidence __________ at the end of the trial.
A) came to light C) came back
B) came over D) came in


My dream of having my own car has finally __________.
A) become as a true C) come over
B) come true D) come in


We have run __________ sugar. Could you please buy some more?
A) forward to C) away from
B) down on D) out of


A lot of people from the office I work at came __________ with the flu this past week.
A) in C) down
B) back D) up


Now it makes __________ why you moved out of that town.
A) sense to me C) success to me
B) concerns to me D) ends to me


If she had a chance to go to New York, she would __________ of it.
A) put the most C) come the most
B) do the most D) make the most


So, Henry... Have you __________ your mind where you want to go for your holiday?
A) come up C) made up
B) put up D) keep up


We've been working hard for the last few months trying to __________ meet, but something we're not even expecting always comes up and we have to pay for it.
A) make it C) do ends
B) make ends D) come it

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