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Various 9

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


All the leaflets were __________ during the exhibition.
A) taken out C) given out
B) put out D) kept up


Is it all right if I pay __________ cheque?
A) from C) in
B) on D) by


So many people buy things __________ credit nowadays.
A) in C) by
B) on D) from


I have been studying hard, I hope to __________ my German exam.
A) get through C) get through to
B) get round D) get up


Which of these countries was the first one in the world to issue adhesive postage stamps?
A) Canada C) the USA
B) Great Britain D) Ireland


The population of the UK is __________ .
A) over 57,000,000 C) about 45,000,000
B) 26,000,000 D) about 68,000,000


Northern Ireland is also called __________ .
A) North Ireland C) Albion
B) West Britain D) Ulster


The highest mountain in Britain is __________ .
A) Snowdon C) Big Ben
B) Mount McKinley D) Ben Nevis


Mother: "Eat your spinach, dear. It will put colour into your cheeks."
Johnny: "Who wants to have __________ cheeks?"

A) blue C) yellow
B) red D) green


Daughter: "Tell me what do you think makes a marriage successful?"
Mother: "I think __________ your father. After all, he made a more successful marriage than I did."
A) you'd better ask C) you have asked
B) you'd rather ask D) you must have asked

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