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Various 89

Choose the most appropriate answer.


In the Christmas song 'Jingle Bells' what was it fun to ride in? __________
A) A taxi C) A porche
B) A sleigh D) A train


Santa Claus is in America also called __________.
A) St Nicholas C) Father Christmas
B) Jesus Christ D) Christ-child


Which of these names does NOT belong to one of the three wise men? __________
A) Melchior C) Caspar
B) Balthazar D) Solomon


Who is the character of Father Christmas based on? __________
A) St Nicholas C) Jesus Christ
B) The Pope D) The wise men


Every New Year I make the same __________.
A) speech C) resolution
B) revolution D) conversation


What period begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day? __________
A) Twelfth Night C) Nicholas
B) Advent D) Easter


Santa Claus comes through the __________ of the house.
A) door C) chimney
B) cellar D) window


How many reindeers does Santa Claus have? __________
A) a whole herd C) nine
B) eleven D) eight


The children in Britain like to hang up a big __________ near the fireplace.
A) glove C) sock
B) shoe D) stocking


People often decorate a Christmas tree with __________.
A) flowers C) mistletoe
B) candles D) stockings

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