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Various 85

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Many women prefer to __________ in hospital these days
A) be born C) give birth
B) born D) birthday


Shakespeare __________ in 1564.
A) born C) was born
B) was birthed D) birthday


Darling, I love you. Will you __________ me?
A) get married C) married
B) marry D) be married to


When I get married I want a big white __________ in a church - no expense spared.
A) marry C) get married
B) marriage D) wedding


You know what they say, __________ is the only certainty about life.
A) dead C) die
B) death D) died


She __________ after a long and courageous battle against cancer.
A) dead C) die
B) death D) died


If a country doesn't have rain for a very long period, we say it suffers from __________.
A) floods C) drought
B) earthquakes D) tornadoes


When a disaster occurs, people move to another area or country. What are these people called? __________
A) aid workers C) refugees
B) migrants D) immigrants


When a disaster occurs, people describe the situation using some of the words below. Which word does NOT mean very important? __________
A) emergency C) crisis
B) urgent situation D) inconsequential


And down will come __________, cradle and all.
A) marchday C) aprilday
B) mayday D) juneday

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