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Various 83

Choose the most appropriate answer.


When you arrive at the airport, the first thing you do is go to __________.
A) reception C) the check-in desk
B) the departure lounge D) the arrival desk


It's boring going on holiday with you, all you want to do is __________ on the beach.
A) take the sun C) sunbathe
B) take a sun bath D) have a bath in the sun


Which of the following is NOT holiday accommodation? __________
A) guesthouse C) youth hostel
B) B & B D) borstal


I love going away, but there's no place like __________.
A) house C) the office
B) home D) my bed


It was the best holiday ever! We had a __________ of a time!
A) fish C) shark
B) whale D) great


The nearest town was 80 km away, I mean really in the middle of __________.
A) nowhere C) somewhere
B) anywhere D) everywhere


What might you do if you are attracted to a girl? __________
A) speak out C) chat her up
B) talk down to her D) talk it over


There are many ways to describe someone as drunk, which of the following is NOT correct? - He __________.
A) was as pissed as a newt C) was as drunk as a lord
B) was out of it D) drinks like a fish


Which of the following is NOT a type of wine? __________
A) Pink C) Rosé
B) White D) Red


If you want to say goodbye informally, what WOULDN'T you say? __________
A) Cheerio C) See ya
B) Hi D) Bye for now

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