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Various 8

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


Teacher : "Willie, I hope I didn't see you looking at someone else's exam paper."
Willie: "__________, Miss."
A) Neither do I C) So don't I
B) Neither me D) So do I


You're always driving so fast. __________ or you'll have an accident.
A) Turn down C) Pull down
B) Slow down D) Cool down


"Why did Sheila leave her job?"
"Oh, anything serious?"
"The boss got sick __________ her."
A) with C) of
B) by D) off


__________ is the idiom used in order to say that somebody is very good or special.
A) The "dog's ears" C) The "cat's whiskers"
B) The "fat cat" D) The "clever fox"


shortage = __________
A) plenty of something C) lack of something
B) collapse D) failure


__________ is the author of the Old Man and the Sea, published in 1952.
A) John Steinbeck C) Ernest Hemingway
B) Jane Austin D) Agatha Christie


After George and Sarah had returned from their trip to India, they seem to be on cloud __________. I think he must have proposed to her.
A) seven C) nine
B) eight D) ten


scarce = __________
A) big and easy to find C) few and hard to find
B) frequent D) tight and narrow


She is in hospital. She was __________ by a car yesterday.
A) knocked down C) bent down
B) climbed down D) pulled down


Neighbour: "Do you think your son will forget all that he learned at college?"
Father: "I hope so - he certainly can't __________ by kissing girls."
A) make a living C) do a living
B) make living D) do living

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