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Various 79

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Like many other holidays, Valentine’s Day is __________ to be of American origin; but—like many other holidays—it is not.
A) throw C) though
B) thought D) through


Already in ancient Rome, people celebrated a similar holiday in the __________ of February. It was Lupercalia, the festival of fertility.
A) central C) middle
B) halfway D) intermediate


The Valentine celebrations we know today probably __________ in 14th-century England and France.
A) originate C) original
B) originally D) origination


We could indeed say that it was some kind of medieval »blind-date show« to which single men and women __________ together on 14 February.
A) did C) got
B) gave D) made


The women wrote their names on cards and __________ them into a box from which each man then picked a card.
A) pick C) put
B) take D) remove


The woman whose name was on the card __________ the man’s sweetheart or “Valentine”, as 14 February is also the commemoration day of St. Valentine (therefore the day is called St. Valentine’s Day).
A) refused C) earned
B) spent D) became


Valentine’s Day has become the festival of love — lovers __________ each other with little presents, flowers or a romantic dinner by candlelight.
A) surprise C) surprised
B) would surprise D) surprisal


__________ special greeting cards on that day is also very popular.
A) Talking C) Speaking
B) Sending D) Repeating


Valentines, as these cards are called, are sent to loved ones or even to secret lovers in order to __________ their hearts.
A) fail C) miss
B) lose D) win


If the sender doesn’t want to be __________, the card is signed »Your Valentine«.
A) recognize C) recognised
B) recognizably D) recognizability

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