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Choose the most appropriate answer.


Halloween is celebrated every October 31__________.
A) nd C) st
B) rd D) th


Halloween is one of the most strange holidays celebrated in __________.
A) the United States C) Great Britain
B) Mexico D) Australia


In the evening children dress up in costumes, and they go __________ in their neighborhoods.
A) home C) back
B) forward D) door to door


When the homeowner opens the door, they say "__________".
A) Crick or Treat C) Trick or Treat
B) Trick or Creak D) Trick or Candy


The homeowner gives the children __________.
A) toys C) money
B) candy D) gloves


Halloween's origins __________ back 2,000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.
A) date C) dates
B) dated D) have dated


The Celts believed that souls of the dead visited __________ every October 31st..
A) forest C) location
B) America D) the Earth


All Hallows Eve was the evening before All Saints Day which is celebrated __________ November 1st.
A) in C) on
B) at D) with


Halloween also marks the end of __________ season.
A) good C) harvest
B) Autumn D) pumpkin


The end of October marks the time that pastures and __________ dry up.
A) territory C) fields
B) homes D) family

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