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Various 74

Choose the most appropriate answer.


Last week we __________ to London.
A) go C) goes
B) gone D) went


Peter __________ his new mobile phone.
A) loses C) is losing
B) has lost D) has been lost


__________ ever seen a comet?
A) Has you C) Have you
B) Do you D) Did you


My father __________ never been to a cricket match.
A) has C) has not
B) have not D) had not


I wish I __________ play a musical instrument.
A) can C) could
B) should D) might


I __________ the film we saw at the cinema on Saturday.
A) does not like C) did not like
B) have not liked D) have not been liked


If I __________ on holiday to France, I wouldn't have met Michelle.
A) does not go C) have not gone
B) did not go D) had not gone


A: What are you doing tonight?
B: I'm not sure, I __________ to the cinema.
A) might go C) would go
B) will go D) could have gone


Jessica was offered the job __________ having poor qualifications.
A) despite C) although
B) even though D) instead of


Not only __________ to Paris but she also visited many other places in France.
A) did she go C) she went
B) went she D) she has not gone

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