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Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


When do people get Christmas presents in Britain?
A) In the morning on December 25th C) In the evening on December 25th
B) In the evening on December 24th D) In the morning on December 24th


Christmas Day is __________.
A) on December 26th C) on December 24th
B) on December 25th D) none of these answers is correct


Do the Brits pour brandy over the Christmas pudding?
A) yes B) no


What do people HANG in their living rooms on Christmas?
A) Christmas tree C) curtains
B) mistletoe D) themselves


How does Father Christmas come to bring presents?
A) He uses the door. C) He only rings the doorbell but never comes in.
B) He comes through the window. D) He comes down the chimney.


What do the Brits usually eat on Christmas lunch?
A) Fried cod and potatoes C) Roast turkey
B) Porridge D) Nothing special


Where does Father Christmas leave presents?
A) In the chimney C) In a stocking
B) By the fireplace D) Under the table


Christmas Eve means __________ .
A) The evening on December 24th C) The evening on December 25th
B) The morning on December 25th D) The morning on December 24th


What do people do in Britain on December 26th (Boxing Day)?
A) They go shopping. C) Nothing special.
B) They are preparing turkey. D) They give "boxes", i.e. presents for services (for milkmen, postmen, ...).


When do you celebrate New Year's Eve?
A) On December 24th C) On December 31st
B) On December 25th D) On January 1st

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