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Choose the most appropriate answer.


The first group of Pilgrims __________ the New World established the colony of Plymouth in 1620.
A) whose emigrated to C) who emigrated to
B) whose emigration to D) who emigrated from


The Pilgrims came to America in 1620 __________ the ship Mayflower.
A) board of C) board over
B) on board of D) in board of


In his search __________ a route to the Orient, Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492.
A) to C) in
B) for D) by


The Declaration of Independence adopted on July 4th 1776 announced __________ a new nation.
A) the birth of C) birth of
B) the born of D) the birthday of


The New World __________ and colonized by five European countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Holland and England.
A) has explored C) explored
B) was explored D) had explored


__________ by stories of abundance and opportunities, people from various nations flocked to European seaports to travel to America.
A) Encouraged C) Encouragement
B) Encouraging D) Encourage


The first permanent English settlement in America was a trading post __________ Jamestown in 1607.
A) found at the C) found at
B) founded at the D) founded at


The thirteen colonies __________ became the United States were Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia.
A) that evenly C) that eventually
B) who eventually D) that eventual


America __________ by native people who viewed it as their homeland.
A) inhabited C) was inhabited
B) was habitat D) was habituated


Most European emigrants left their homelands searching for greater __________ opportunities.
A) economy C) economics
B) economical D) economic

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