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Various 61

Choose the most appropriate answer.


You may come if you like, but you __________.
A) don't have C) don't need
B) needn't D) mustn't


If I __________ so tired, I would have helped you.
A) wouldn't C) wouldn't have been
B) wasn't D) hadn't been


Each of their sons has __________.
A) a room of his own C) a room of their own
B) an own room D) own rooms


Don’t touch anything until the police __________.
A) will arrive C) shall arive
B) arrive D) arrives


Would you mind if I joined you? __________
A) No, I don't. C) No, not at all.
B) Yes, why not. D) Yes, please do.


Sorry to bother you. __________
A) So am I. C) Yes, of course.
B) No, you can't. D) That`s all right.


The clock has just __________ eleven.
A) hit C) struck
B) beaten D) knocked


The fish you’re eating __________ only six hours ago.
A) was caught C) had been caught
B) has been caught D) is been caught


Give me the dictionary for a moment, __________?
A) will you C) did you
B) can't you D) don't you


The bomb might explode __________ moment.
A) every C) each
B) all D) any

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