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Various 6

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


"Hands up all those who want to go to Heaven" said the teacher.
Everyone put their hands up except Jimmy.
"__________ to go to Heaven, Jimmy?"
"I can't Miss," said Jimmy. "My mum told me to come straight home."
A) Didn't you want C) You wanted
B) Don't you want D) You want


The capital of Hawaii is __________.
A) Montgomery C) Sacramento
B) Honolulu D) Columbus


You know John. He promises the __________ even when he knows very well he cannot possibly deliver.
A) sun C) moon
B) earth D) ocean


Can you __________ the radio? I can't hear it.
A) turn up C) speak up
B) add up D) fill up


Don't __________ yet. You've only just begun the course.
A) give up C) put up
B) get up D) grow up


The synonym for __________ is decay.
A) economic growth C) controversy
B) compose D) decline


”Halloween” is probably the most treasured holiday by children after Christmas in the United States. It is celebrated on __________.
A) October 30th C) October 31st
B) November 1st D) November 2nd


__________ is the synonym for toilet.
A) Loo C) Buck
B) Water D) Splash


Scarce means __________.
A) rich C) substantive
B) few and hard to find D) funds


Angry teacher: "Why are you so __________?"
Lazy pupil: "Well, I saw the sign in the street that said "School ahead – go slow"!"
A) late C) lately
B) soon D) early

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