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Various 56

Phrasal Verbs


Jessicca has a new boy friend. Paul asked her __________ last night.
A) for C) off
B) back D) out


The bills add __________ to $500. That's more than we expected!
A) down C) of
B) up D) over


Yes, I can take those parcels to the post office. I'll drop them __________ as I go home from school.
A) back C) down
B) off D) up


Peter is not ready to stop yet. I think he'll keep __________ working for a while.
A) up C) on
B) off D) for


I agree that Jim looks ridiculous since he shaved his head, but don't make fun __________ him. You'll hurt his feelings.
A) of C) off
B) from D) out of


Mark's story is hard to believe. I'm sure he made it __________.
A) from C) off
B) up D) down


The presentation was so boring that several people in the audience nodded __________ before it was finished.
A) of C) up
B) off D) down


I was very sorry to hear that your sister passed __________.
A) away C) off
B) up D) down


I'm not sure that skirt is large enough. May I try it __________?
A) up C) for
B) down D) on


I'd like to talk longer, but I'd better hang __________. Michael needs to make a call.
A) up C) down
B) on D) away

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