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Various 5

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


Driving instructor: "I think you'd __________."
Learner: "But I'm allowed to do 30 miles an hour in this area."
Driving instructor: "But not on the pavement."
A) better to slow down C) be slow down
B) better slow down D) been slow down


to keep something under one's hat = __________
A) to keep something secret C) to be unable to get something
B) to waste something good D) to be considered as the worst member of the family


The largest state of the USA is __________.
A) Rhode Island C) Nevada
B) Texas D) Alaska


place where one leaves the waste matter of the body = __________
A) Refreshments C) Public Conveniences
B) Waiting-Room D) Poison


I wish I hadn't said it. If only I could __________.
A) turn the clock back C) turn the clock forward
B) wind up the alarm-clock D) turn round the clock


credible = __________
A) clever, able to do things well C) able or fit for certain work
B) which can be believed D) able to pay


Since its discovery in __________, Coca-Cola has become probably the most popular soft drink in the world. And yet, ironically, this fabulously successful liquid started off as a rather bad-tasting headache medicine.
A) 1886 C) 1816
B) 1916 D) 1956


We have got a chance. - Let's make __________ it.
A) a go with C) go
B) go of D) a go of


any piece of money made of metal = __________
A) banknote C) coin
B) buck D) currency


Elsie: "I'm homesick."
Joan: "But this is your home."
Elsie: "I know and I'm sick __________ it."
A) of C) at
B) in D) with

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