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Various 4

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


Snake-charmer: "Be careful with that suitcase, porter. It contains a ten-foot snake."
Porter: "You can't kid me - snakes don't have __________ feet."
A) no C) a
B) some D) any


Leonard Bernstein is the author of the musical called __________.
A) West Side Story C) Hair
B) Jesus Christ Super Star D) Evita


Nobody's free this Saturday. I'll have to __________ the party till next week.
A) put up C) put up with
B) put off D) put on


As you make your bed, so you must __________ in it.
A) lain C) lie
B) lye D) lay


12th = __________
A) the twelvth C) the twelveth
B) the twelvieth D) the twelfth


skill = __________
A) the power of doing which is the result of practise C) degree of excellence
B) arrangement D) price to be paid


I've _________ a little sum of money for an emergency.
A) put up C) put off
B) put aside D) put on


Cul-de-sac = __________
A) Air Terminal C) Blind Alley
B) Departure D) Detour


to invest = __________
A) to satisfy customers' desire to purchase C) to deregulate
B) to set things in line D) to lend money or put money into a business


Worried lady to pilot: "You will bring me down safely, won't you?"
Pilot: "Don't worry, Madam, I've never left __________ up here yet."
A) somebody C) nobody
B) someone D) anybody

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