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Various 33

W O W,   H O W   T I M E S   H A V E   C H A N G E D !

J u s t   1 0   Y e a r s   A g o . . . . .

( b e f o r e   t h e   "c o m p u t e r   a g e" )


A web was a _______________ home.
A) chicken's C) fly's
B) rat's D) spider's


_______________ was something you lost with age.
A) Memory C) Connection
B) Volume D) Chip


A _______________ was the flu.
A) bacillus C) microbe
B) bacteria D) virus


_______________ were something you hated to clean.
A) Doors C) Windows
B) Floors D) Tables


A keyboard was a _______________.
A) violin C) guitar
B) piano D) flute


A _______________ was a long trip on the road.
A) software C) hardware
B) hard drive D) compact disc


_______________ you did with scissors.
A) Paste C) Cut
B) Copy D) Select

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