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Various 3

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


How to read 54 ? __________
A) five cubed C) five twice squared
B) five to the fourth D) the fourth root of five


She was insured __________ 1,000,000 crowns.
A) until C) for
B) on D) from


Heathrow Airport is in __________ .
A) Washington C) New York
B) Chicago D) London


Shall we all __________ for a drink after work on Friday?
A) get into C) get along
B) get together D) get ahead


The Czech Republic is situated in the centre of Europe between 48 and 51 degrees of North latitude and __________ degrees of East longitude.
A) 12 and 19 C) 21 and 25
B) 16 and 20 D) 22 and 28


Take the __________ if you want them to change the shirt.
A) recipe C) repayment
B) register D) receipt


p.m. = _________
A) past midnight C) post meridiem
B) pre midday D) poste meridian


He's so rude to his parents and he always __________ it.
A) gets away with C) gets along
B) gets away D) gets on with


The Sears Tower in Chicago is __________ meters tall.
A) 403 C) 433
B) 423 D) 443


in bulk = __________
A) in large amounts C) in retail price
B) for sale D) in distribution

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