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Various 26

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


Vicar: "__________ fight, little boy. You should love your enemy."
Boy: "But he's not my enemy. He's my brother."
A) You had to C) You must
B) You should D) You must not


Then there was the Irishman whose sister had a baby.
Nobody told him __________ a boy or a girl so he didn't know if he was an uncle or an aunt.
A) if he is C) if she is
B) if it is D) if it was


"Stop acting like a fool."
"But __________"
A) I don't act. C) I'm not acting.
B) I don't fool. D) I'm not fooling.


"It's raining __________ ." "I know, I've just stepped in a poodle."
A) umbrellas C) wolfhounds and dachshunds
B) cats and dogs D) arms and legs


Why is an elephant large, grey, hairy and wrinkled?
Because if it was small, white and smooth __________ an aspirin.
A) it would be C) it will be
B) it is D) it was


What did the bee say to the flower?
A) "Hey, man!" C) "Hello, honey."
B) "Good evening." D) "Bye."


Elsie: "__________"
Joan: "But this is your home."
Elsie: "I know and I'm sick of it."
A) I'm homesick. C) I have homesick.
B) I have a headache. D) I'm blue.

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