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Various 25

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


Teacher: "__________ fifty apples in one hand and sixty in the other, what would I have?"
Pupil: "Extremely big hands, Miss!"
A) When I had C) If I had
B) If I have D) While I have


Why do doctors and nurses wear masks?
So that __________ a mistake, no one will know who did it!
A) if you made C) if I would make
B) if you will make D) if someone makes


Robbie: "I've got a problem, Dad. My teacher said I must write more clearly."
Dad: "Well, that's all right, son. I'm sure you can do it if you try."
Robbie: "Yes, but __________ more clearly, she'll find out I can't spell."
A) if I will write C) if I would write
B) if I write D) if she wrote


Teacher: "Angie, if your father earned £500 a week and gave your mother half, __________?" Angie: "A heart attack."
A) what would she have C) what did she have
B) what will she have D) what can she have


Why is an elephant large, grey, hairy and wrinkled?
Because if it was small, white and smooth __________ an aspirin.
A) it is C) it will be
B) it would be D) it was


Teacher: "You can't sleep in class."
Girl: "No, but __________ so loudly I could."
A) if you don't talk C) if you couldn't talk
B) if you will not talk D) if you didn't talk


Why do footballers wear shorts?
Because they __________ if they didn't.
A) will be arrested C) would be arrested
B) can be arrested D) are arrested

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