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Various 2

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


He has been operated __________ his leg.
A) in C) on
B) for D) with


The Congress of the USA consists of __________.
A) the Senate and the President C) the House of Representatives and the Senate
B) the Federal Court system D) the President and Cabinet


Our company headquarters __________ in London.
A) is C) are
B) has D) have


Organisation Metropolitan Police (the Met) was founded in __________.
A) 1899 C) 1829
B) 1890 D) 1966


The name of the US National Anthem is __________.
A) God Save the Queen C) God Keep Our Land Glorious And Free
B) In God We Trust D) The Star Spangled Banner


1 pint = __________
A) 1/2 gallon C) 0,46 litres
B) 5/6 gallon D) 0,57 litres


What does VAT mean?
A) very advanced technology C) vacuum abandoned tachometer
B) value added tax D) voodoo against taboo


My Heart Will Go On is a song of __________.
A) Celine Dion C) The Offspring
B) Madonna D) Guns'n'Roses


to pay for something = __________
A) withdraw cash C) foot the bill
B) open an account D) make a deposit


I'll come at eight, or any other __________ time you suggest.
A) adequate C) suitable
B) sufficient D) competent

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