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Various 18

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


Which word means a period of 100 years?
A) decade C) century
B) era D) millennium


What word describes a period of 10 years?
A) century C) decton
B) aeon D) decade


Fill in the missing word.
To "______ around the bush" is an idiom which means to avoid speaking about something directly.
A) talk C) beat
B) run D) look


Choose the correct answer.
Only at night ______ the safety of their cave.
A) bats leave C) bats will leave
B) leave bats D) do bats leave


Which preposition is correct?
She's already left the office but you can phone her ______ home.
A) at C) for
B) on D) in


Which word completes this sentence?
I've been a student ______ five years.
A) for C) in
B) during D) since


Which word has the correct stress? (Stressed syllables are in red CAPITALS).
A) ADvertisement C) adverTISEment
B) adVERtisement D) advertiseMENT

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