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Various 17

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


Which word is different?
A) miserable C) glad
B) pleased D) happy


Which sentence is correct?
A) The London is a city in England. C) London is a city in the England.
B) The London is a city in the England. D) London is a city in England.


Which is the correct tag for this sentence?
They've had two children, ______
A) don't they? C) haven't they?
B) hadn't they? D) didn't they?


An annoying person is sometimes called
"a pain in the ______".
A) arm C) neck
B) leg D) head


The word which means two people singing together is:
A) twosome C) duem
B) duet D) duo


Choose the correct answer.
How wonderful! I've got money in the bank again so I'm back in the ______.
A) yellow C) black
B) red D) green


Choose the more formal alternative for the word in red italics: That picture cost me twenty quid.
A) dollars C) pence
B) cents D) pounds

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