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Various 15

Select the correct answer in the box on the right:


Which preposition is correct? She's already left the office but you can phone her ______ home.
A) at C) on
B) by D) in


Choose the correct answer: Jane is wonderful cook - she often creates a new ______ without looking at a cookery book!
A) plate C) dish
B) meal D) food


When an aeroplane leaves the ground, it ______.
A) jumps off C) lifts off
B) takes off D) pushes off


Choose the correct preposition: People all ______ the world are learning English.
A) on C) through
B) over D) in


In a supermarket, where do you pay?
A) At the check-on C) At the check-off
B) At the check-in D) At the check-out


Choose the correct answer. My father is the sort of person who calls a spade a spade.
This means he ______.
A) hides his true feelings C) says exactly what he thinks
B) gets impatient easily D) likes gardening


Who is most likely to swing a club?
A) a golfer C) a tennis player
B) a basketball player D) a cricket player


House, flat, hotel are all types of:
A) accommodation C) acomodation
B) accomodation D) acommodation


What do you say in a shop if you only want to look and not buy?
A) I'm just surfing C) I'm just shoplifting
B) I'm just viewing D) I'm just browsing


Choose the correct preposition:
If you take something ______ heart, you are very sensitive.
A) from C) in
B) at D) to

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